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Be true to your heart to be free from temptation
Être fidèle à votre cœur pour être libre de la tentation 

Be true to your heart to be free from temptations

I am Jun: The Natural Effect of being ME!

All great leaders are made with the blood, sweats, and beliefs of those they lead. Leaders are born, true, but no great leaders become great unless they inspire sacrifices. Sacrifices that shall not be derived from threats nor corrupted persuasions, but rather of free will because greatness is made at the least opportune moment,  which can be lost with just a blink.

I am Jun. I was not born so. In fact only two people ever called me by this name growing up. It is my humble belief that everyone is perfect in his or her own way. My perfection is perfect,  so how it becomes my problem that my perfection is not up to your standards is beyond my wisdom. I hope you believe me when I say that truth exists only in mathematics, sciences, and in birth because they are standard and the results stay constant. Anywhere else, the truth is what I experience it to be, not what I assume or perceive it to be.

I am Jun. I am a redefined handsome soul. Marie Lourdes aka Ketly, Marie Mathe, ‘Ader’, and Georges, I called them aunties, grandma, and father, respectively. They are not blood, but they have exposed me to kindness of Strangers who became family.  When your children ask, Which story will you tell? The one where you contribute to your wealth or the one where to Humanity? I am ME because of these people, so, how are you impacting the world and your environment?

And by the way, let me introduce myself. Hello! I am Junior, and I am adopted.  What inspired ME? My real father had very little education because he discovered school and had this revelation that education will be important one day. As an adult, my father put himself in school. My mother has no formal schooling,  but she can write her name and she can count, multiply,  divide, add, and subtract the basics of mathematics.

As a child, growing up with my mother in Haïti and my father living in the United States, I had to be my own man. I adopted a couple of men as father figures along the way. I have made good of myself because my real father gave me the most precious gift in the world: The gift of knowledge. He told me, “son, don’t let hunger be the reason why you don't have an education. I sacrificed mine for yours and your brothers and sisters.” I became ME from that moment on, vowing to never let an opportunity be wasted.

I am Jun is the natural effect of being ME, my personal statement to the world: To conquer poverty and win the intellectual war! I know my purpose in this life, and I fully intend to act accordingly because I believe that “to be born privileged is a man’s wealth, but to acquire wealth with knowledge is the most precious gift of all. I was not born privileged,  but my real father gave me the gift of sight and deduction.

At around 4 or 5 years old, I saw my first burned-alive body. Under civil and government corruption, and instability I obtained an education. I was not poor; my mother made sure I ate everyday and ensure that I had at least the equivalent of 50 cents U.S. We had no Television because ours burned and no telephone. My parents made sure that I had no less than one pair of sneakers for school and one pair of shoes for church and Sunday promenade; when they are torn, either they were repaired or they were replaced. I was not poor and certainly not in need, just not privileged. Despite it all, I received an education all the way to one year Masters in Social Work. I take nothing for granted,  which is why my purpose is to give the same opportunities that I had to those who cannot afford it.

I am Jun, and the natural effect of being ME is contagious. Please to meet you!