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Jun Et All Multi Services
Be true to your heart to be free from temptation
Être fidèle à votre cœur pour être libre de la tentation 

Be true to your heart to be free from temptations

Chaje telefon nou nan tout biwo Jun Et All Multi Services

Investment Opportunities/ Investissement

  • We are not an investment firm, but offer individuals opportunities to buy a service called "AKSYON KAY JEAMS" from our company.
  • Up to 10 Percent Return on Haitian Gourdes investment per year. 5 Percent on any other currency
  • Guaranteed Profit and No loss on principle.
  • All fees paid will be reimbursed at the end of the year, but will not incur interest.
  •  Early withdrawal will not receive credits for fees paid and all interest accrued will be forfeited.

  • Fe lajan nou fe pitit kay Jun Et All Multi Services. Nou pa yon konpayi finans, men nou ap bay yon sevis ki rele AKSYON KAY JEAMS pou nou achte pwofi.
  • Nou ap bay 10 pousan entere sou lajan goud. Nou ap bay 5 pousan sou lajan lot peyi.
  • Garanti nou ap remet ou lajan kelkeswa sa ki rive a
  • Si ou peye yon fre pou voye kob la ba nou, nou ap remet li si ou kite kob la pou yon ane ou plis.
  • Ou ka retire kob ou nenpot le, men si ou retire anvan kontra a fini, nou pap remet ou fre ni ou pap fe entere sou kob sa.


  • Guest House for Vacation and Leisure - Coming Soon
  • Property Management in Haiti- We rent and maintain your properties and send you the money where transfer is legal.
  • We can help you find rentals and house to buy in Haiti.
  • Full Service Construction/ Design - We dream your dream home. Why not let us help you from the ground up.
  • Rental - Let us rent your properties or help you find a home or business location.
  • Sales - Let us sell your properties or help you buy your dream home.


  • Taxi
  • Private Transportation
  • Moving - Coming Soon
  • Rental - Coming Soon
  • Limousin - Coming Soon

Money Transfer/ Bureau d'echange de devises et de transfer

  • Uni Transfer
  • Western Union
Personal Security
  • Armed Body Guard - Feel safe while on your vacation in Haiti or just roaming the streets with our experienced guards and former police officers.
  • Property Day and Night Watch - Worry not and get your beauty sleep.
  • Business Security - Coming Soon

Now, Jun Et All Multi Services has a partnership with Zion Technologies

  • Location des Chaises et des Tables en Haiti
  • Des services de DJ et autres en Haiti